Welcome to your Co-op.

We are Open!

410 W 18th St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

We are at the corner of 18th and Minnesota behind Pita Pit. After the fire that destroyed the Duluth Ave store we moved to the above location and are building our inventory and capacity daily. We are still "us."

Since 1973, we've been serving our owners and customers in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

As a member owned co-operative, we hold to a different set of values, and our sole purpose is to serve you and your needs.

Plus, we have a great store! The Bulk Section offers a great way to reduce waste and save money. Our Grocery Shelves have grown with the natural food industry. Our freezers are filled with quality local meats, our coolers with organic milk, cheese, and free range eggs. Our all organic and local produce section offers the finest we are able to offer, season by season.

Whether you have special dietary needs or are just looking for natural, healthy, foods for you and your family, The Co-op Natural Foods has you covered.